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Greenland, Kalaallit Nunaata, is a land of unspoken riches and barren beauty, of incredible wildlife, handcrafts, and natural arts. Remote. Rough. Real.
In this pristine arctic wilderness par excellence veiled in myths and ice, you can feel the inner spirit of your soul. The spirit of will and pride that has kept us, the native people of Greenland, alive for thousands of years in what most would consider an environment too harsh and too inhospitable. We are sealers. We are hunters. And we would love to show you why living in this cold far-flung corner of the world is more rewarding than you could ever imagine:
Watch the whales dance in the sunlit surface of the fjords. Marvel at the edge of the roaring inland ice in perpetual motion spreading for 1.8 million km2 across our mighty land. Spot our neighboring musk oxen in the lush green valleys under the midnight sun, or gaze into the eyes of the polar bear searching for seals between the waving icebergs. Taste the fruits of these seemingly sterile slopes and munch on the freshest fish you will ever find. Let our strong dogs take you by sleigh into the white for the experience of time standing still in the echoing silence. Let nature seduce you and change your perspective for years to come. If you dare.
Seasons to travel in Greenland
High Season from 1 June – 31 August
Low Season from 1 Oct. – 30 April
Shoulder Season from 1 – 31 May,
& 1 September – 30 September

Come to Greenland and find a unique Inuit culture and Viking heritage along with abundant flora and fauna, charming villages with warm hospitality, and outdoor adventures for all seasons from dog sled safaris to helicopter tours. Experience a special lifetime tour, which you will never forget.
We look forward to seeing You!
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Explore the Regions of Greenland

South Greenland
East Greenland
North Greenland
Capital Region
Destination Arctic Circle
The National Park




There's no way today, from anywhere in the world, to fly direct to Greenland, other than from Reykjavik, Iceland or from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Kangerlussuaq in West Greenland is the main airport hub for Greenland and from there you can get basically anywhere in Greenland. The flights are not daily and will vary in frequency over the year.
Narsarsuaq Airport is one of only few civilian airports in Greenland, large enough to handle large airliners. Minor domestic airports are in the capital Nuuk, at Qaqortoq, in Ilulissat, Narsarsuaq, Kulusuk and Nerlerit Inaat, which lies on Greenland's east coast. Greenland operates also six other minor domestic airports and 46 helicopter landing sites.
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