Dear traveler
Welcome to Norway, home of elusive trolls and fierce Vikings, breathtaking sceneries and magnificent fjords, country powered by nature and nature by endless beauty.
From the very moment you set foot on Norwegian soil you will feel it. That sense of something unique. That feeling of unscaled pride in every one of us. Pride of our country, rich in so many ways, but richer like no other when it comes to beauty: the spectacular view from mythical North Cape towards the freezing Arctic ocean illuminated by the midnight sun; the awe-inspiring 604m drop from the Pulpit Rock towering above the Lysefjord in the South; the old stave-churches found along the scenic roads which carve their insisting way through mountains and glaciers; the particular timeless calm that coats the isle of Lofoten.
Come with us on the boat from Hellesylt to Geiranger and marvel at the cascading waterfalls in this UNESCO World Heritage sight. Take the mini cruise to the village of Flåm, hiding in the deepest fjord of them all, the mighty Sognefjord, and continue onwards to Myrdal with the Flåmsbana, manifestation of the most daring and skillful engineering in Scandinavian railway history. Taste the freshness of the ever-near ocean at Bergen’s flourishing fish market and learn about the profound connection with nature that is an innate quality in every Norwegian child. At the end of your journey please bring this serene spirit with you back home – this is our gift to you.
Seasons to travel in Norway
High Season from 1 June – 31 August
Low Season from 1 Oct. – 30 April
Shoulder Season from 1 – 31 May,
& 1 September – 30 September

We look forward to seeing you!
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Explore the Regions of Norway

Northern Norway
- Finnmark
- Troms
- Nordland
- Nord-Trøndelag
- Sør-Trøndelag
Western Norway
- Møre og Romsdal
- Sogn og Fjordane
- Hordaland
- Rogaland
Southern Norway
- Vest-Agder
- Aust-Agder
Eastern Norway
- Telemark
- Buskerud
- Hedmark
- Oppland
- Akershus
- Oslo (The Capital)
- Vestfold
- Østfold




Norway has eight airports which have regular international flight services.
These airports are located in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Bodø, Kristiansand, Tromsø and Ålesund. Domestic Airports in Norway are ninety. Forty-five of these are owned by the government through its airport operator, Avinor.
The main gateway to Norway is the Oslo International Airport. Please use the code OSL in the search box below for the Oslo International Airport.
Oslo International Airport has a duty-free shop and is operated by the state owned Avinor. You can find more information about the airport at the website of Avinor.
Note: Booking international flights is not a service we provide as part of our vacation packages. Although can our travel consultants offer advice if needed.


We recommend using Jetradar.com to search for and compare airfares. Get started in the box below.

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Popular Hotels in Oslo (The Capital)

Cozy apartments in Norway

Choose a house with garden and outdoor porch or a close-to-everything apartment. Many home rentals are a convenient walk to shops, cafes and coffee houses, but located on quiet residential streets.

Enjoy savings from your vacation home rental

Holiday rentals deliver some genuine savings and real comfort. You can prepare several home-cooked meals, while enjoying some of the diverse dining spots. With your home retreat, complete kitchen, Wi-Fi access and family-friendly spaciousness, you’ll know in advance the fixed expense of accommodations and the budget available for dining and excursions - a real advantage for your vacation planning.

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What do I need to hire a car in Norway?

To book your car, all you need is a credit or debit card. When you pick the car up, you’ll need:

  • Your voucher / eVoucher, to show that you’ve paid for the car.
  • The main driver’s credit / debit card, with enough available funds for the car’s deposit.
  • Each driver’s full, valid driving licence, which they’ve held for at least 12 months (often 24).
  • Your passport and any other ID the car hire company needs to see.

Different car hire companies have different requirements, so please make sure you check the car’s terms and conditions as well.

How old do I have to be to rent a car?

For most car hire companies in Norway, the age requirement is between 21 and 70 years old. If you’re under 25 or over 70, you might have to pay an additional fee.

What should I look for when I’m choosing a car?

  • Space: You’ll enjoy your rental far more if you choose a car with plenty of room for your passengers and luggage.
  • Fuel policy: Not planning on driving much? A Full to Full fuel policy can save you a lot of money.
  • Location: You can’t beat an ‘on-airport’ pick-up for convenience, but an ‘off-airport’ pick-up with a shuttle bus can be much cheaper.


Are all fees included in the rental price?

The vast majority of Rentalcars.com rentals include Theft Protection, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), local taxes, airport surcharges and any road fees.

You’ll pay for any ‘extras’ when you pick your car up, along with any young driver, additional driver or one-way fees – but we’ll explain any additional costs before you book your car (and taking your own child seats or GPS can be an easy way to reduce your costs).

For more details on what’s included, just check the Ts&Cs of any car you’re looking at.

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The national railway company of Norway is known as the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). Norway has over 4,000 km of railway network. Train tickets for trains operating in Norway can be booked in advance. Book train tickets to visit main cities of Norway by train. Norwegians cities including Narvik, Oslo and Bergen are all served by trains.
After exploring Oslo’s 17th-century Quadrangle district and medieval Akershus Castle, explore Norway by train. Head west to Bergen’s waterfront wooden houses, see Gothic cathedrals in north-western Trondheim and discover the old town and harbour in Stavanger, Norway’s south-western oil headquarters.
Take the train through Norway’s scenic countryside. Pass pretty pine forests aboard the comfortable Flåm Railway, sail around fjords or base-jump or paraglide off Norway’s dramatic cliffs. In the Arctic Nordkapp, experience the midnight summer sun and go skiing in Trysil.
Take Home
Bring back a lusekofte knitted jumper or a snowflake-print hat, indulge in luxury plates from Porsgrund Porcelain, suppliers of china to the Norwegian royals, or a glass bowl from Hadeland. Cheese connoisseurs will love Norway’s specialty cheese gammelost.
Eat & Drink
Dine on Norwegian game like elk or reindeer and use Norway’s train network to explore its gastronomy. Try dried cod, tørrfisk in the north, smoked lamb’s head (smalahove) in the west and get adventurous with raksfisk (fermented trout).
New Perspective
Challenge your vertigo at the Aurland Lookout, a wooden pier hanging off Aurlandsfjord’s high cliffs. Seemingly death-defying, this architectural illusion features protective glass between you and the drop below.
Popular Train routes in Norway
Oslo - Tønsberg
Trondheim - Oslo
Oslo - Otta in Oppland, Gudbrandsdal
Myrdal - Oslo
Oslo - Voss in Hordaland
Åndalsnes - Oslo



Rail Pass benefits in Norway
With your rail pass, you can travel on board direct trains between Oslo and Gothenburg (Sweden) and between Oslo and Stockholm (Sweden).
Private Rail Road
30% discount from Myrdal to Flåm on the Flåmsbana private railroad.
10% reduction from June 20 to August 17 (high season) and 20% discount during lower season on the Fjord Line.
Hirtshals - Kristiansand
Hirtshals - Langesund(20% discount all year round)
Hirtshals - Stavanger - Bergen
50% discount to travel on the bus from Åndalsnes to Molde (operated by Veoy Buss AS)
50% discount to travel on the bus from Åndalsnes to Ålesund (operated by Nettbus More AS)
Free entrance to Railway museum in Hamar

* Scandinavia – a way to go is not responsible for Train Tickets booked through GoEuro.com or any other third-party booking site.

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