Greenland – Pioneering Nation

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Greenland is more than just ice! You’ll also find a unique Inuit culture and Viking heritage along with abundant flora and fauna, charming villages with warm hospitality, and outdoor adventures for all seasons from dog sled safaris to helicopter tours.


Pack Warm Stay Happy

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When you travel in Iceland the weather can be unpredictable. Learn what you should pack for your trip to Iceland in this useful video. Knowing just a few basic principles will mean you are…

Faroe Islands

We Want Google Translate:

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Get your own free Faroese video-translation:  The tiny Faroe Islands are once again taking on giant Google in a bid to have their unique language included on Google Translate. They have created their very own Faroe Islands Translate. With less than 80,000 people speaking Faroese worldwide, and a growing tourism market, the Faroe Islands […]


The Northern Lights in Norway: Bring Adventure to Light

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Some sounds and rhythms are ancient: The auroras, the waves and the wind on the coast, even the fishermen and their catch – sea eagles soaring above. Fishermen have settled along this coastline for hundreds of years. Think about it for a second: There were powerful rhythms and cycles in nature long before there […]